Our Process

At Trinity Wealth Partners, we believe that financial and lifestyle decisions should not be made in isolation of one another, or with a short-term frame of mind. Our 360º Planning approach is a customized client engagement process that incorporates a wide range of elements in your life to deliver the most comprehensive advice possible.

Getting Started

Your 360º Plan begins during your first meeting by uncovering areas of concern or opportunity to identify what really matters to you now and in the long term. Are you dreaming of buying that farm in the valley, or spending a few retirement years in Prague? Do you want your kids to get through post-secondary school without worrying about tuition? Or are you concerned about whether you’ll be able to leave gifts for your family through your estate upon your passing?

Not every financial planner is going to have the same approach to planning for your goals – it is important in your first meeting to gauge whether you feel comfortable working with this advisor and if you feel your needs will be met.


Your 360º Plan accounts for all aspects of your life that affect your current financial situation:

  • Analysis of the debt side of your finances as well as the asset side;
  • Estate planning considerations such as leaving a legacy and/or intergenerational wealth planning;
  • Consideration of short and long-term tax implications of investment decisions, in both the accumulation (working years) and spending (retirement) phases;
  • Consideration of psychological elements of investing;
  • Assessment of your risk tolerance;
  • Lifestyle planning along with financial planning.

Through the 360º process, our objectives are to deliver ongoing solutions to meet your comprehensive wealth management needs, to educate you about often complex financial issues, and to empower you to make confident, informed decisions.

After taking all 360º of your situation into account, our financial planners and financial security advisors will take the time to weigh your needs against your current and/or potential future situation. During your second meeting, we will discuss recommendations and present your personal 360º Plan. At this point we may recommend certain investment options, insurance plans, or other strategies to help get you on track to your goals.

Beyond the plan

The financial planning process is an ongoing process and you will continue an on-going relationship with your financial planner, keeping your overall plan up-to-date as the circumstances in your life change. It is important to update financial planner on major changes in your life that may prompt revising your 360º Plan.