Happy Canada Day!

Posted 30 Jun 2020 by Rick, Lorna, Patricia, Traci & Natalie

As we approach what may be the first Canada Day without certain celebrations due to the restrictions that are still in place, we thought this would be a pertinent time to reflect on what it means to be Canadian to us.

In the same spirit we also curated a playlist! Check out Rick, Patricia, Lorna, Traci, and Natalie's picks of great Canadian music here!

Like everyone around the world, for the last several months Canadians have had to adapt, comply and find new ways to connect since the outbreak of COVID-19. Among other things, that has meant finding new ways to celebrate holidays and milestones such as birthdays, anniversaries and graduations. Hopefully you will find a way to celebrate Canada Day with friends and family this year. Whether it's a small in person gathering, a virtual get together, or watching one of the performances at Alderney Landing or Parliament Hill, we hope that this will be a memorable Canada Day for you. Don’t forget to watch the virtual fireworks show put on by Tim Hortons: www.canadavirtualfireworks.ca

Hopefully you’re able to take a few moments to celebrate what it means to be Canadian and how fortunate we are to live in this country. Canada, one of the largest nations on earth, producing some of the greatest comedians, athletes, news anchors and musicians, with a reputation for politeness, compassion and tolerance; a country that opens its arms to welcome refugees from war-torn regions.

The last five months have seen a global pandemic cripple the global economy and the worst shooting in Canada’s history, right in our backyard, and now mass protests in the US and globally. In spite of these dark clouds looming, it’s very likely that we will all emerge from these current crisis’ stronger and more adept than before, and more connected with family and our community.

In recognition of the tremendous events this year has seen, and to celebrate and highlight this year, in particular, how lucky we are to be living in Canada, Canada Life, the parent of Quadrus Investment Services, has announced that they will be giving all of their employees an extra 2 days vacation this year. We have decided to follow their lead and make this a 5-day Canada Day long weekend for everyone at Trinity! We will monitor emails so in the event that there is a time sensitive trade request one of us will be able to respond. If it's not a time sensitive request, we will respond on Monday the 6th. 

I hope you have a fantastic Canada Day and we look forward to seeing you back in our office in the (hopefully) not too distant future.



July 1st 2020, like many of our recent holidays will be a very different experience for us. No fireworks. No parades. No concerts on the hill. Are these things you’ll be missing this year? What the heck is a “virtual celebration” anyway? Here are a few links if you’d like to explore things online.


Years ago a friend hosted a Canada Day Party every year. It was kind of the official opening of her pool and a chance to catch up with folks that you maybe only saw that one time each year. Families would drop in and out on their way to or from other celebrations and gatherings. It was the kind of community we do best in Nova Scotia. Today I wonder if our social bubble would allow us this connection of if we’d all decide there was too much planning (and maybe risks we weren’t willing to take) to make it worth while.

For some, July 1st is just another day, an opportunity to sleep a little later, enjoy a coffee on the deck, maybe take a leisurely walk through the neighborhood. Like a lot of you, we’ve been exploring some of the trails that this province has to offer and maybe we’ll take this opportunity to visit one a little further from home.

However you spend your day, I hope it’s with those important to you and are connected to, even if it’s only virtually.



The first Canada Day I spent in Canada was back in 2003, I had just embarked on my 3 month “around the world” trip, my first stop was Montreal and my first full day in Canada was 1st July! I have very fond memories of watching the Canada Day parade and then watching an outdoor concert, which I could not believe was free! I then travelled across Canada by rail and that was when my husband and I started to think maybe we could make Canada our home.

We were able to finally move to Canada in February 2015 and initially lived near Peggy’s Cove. The second significant Canada day for us, was when we moved into our first home in Fall River, on 1st July 2015. We didn’t know anyone in the cul de sac, but our children had been spotted by another family and whilst we were sat eating our supper on lawn chairs (our container from the UK had yet to arrive) there was a knock at the door and we were very kindly invited to attend a Canada Day street party.
We had a wonderful time at the party, and we were able to meet all our new neighbours who have since become firm friends.

Canada day to me means celebrating a big move to a wonderful country, which then became our home. I will never forget the warmth, kindness and friendship that was shown to us that day and tomorrow we raise a glass and celebrate 5 years of friendship.

Happy Canada Day!



Given how 2020 has played out so far, I have had some time to think about this country we live in.  I am so incredibly thankful.

We live in a country that represents freedom.  We are afforded the freedom of choice and the freedom to move freely within our country and abroad. We live in a country that believes in equality of gender, ethnicity, religion, and LBGTQ choice.  In Canada we believe in humility.  I believe that most, if not all, Canadians are thankful, caring, and compassionate people who fundamentally respect peace and civil rights.  Canadians have a long history of peacekeeping activities throughout the world through our participation with NATO and the United Nations.  I know the world is changing, but I remain truly proud to travel under a highly respected passport.  Finally, I think of Canada as beautiful. Our diverse landscapes from coast to coast to coast that display our amazing oceans, mountains, forests, and wildlife makes Canada one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

I, for one, feel thankful, privileged and incredibly lucky to call Canada my home.


This Canada Day, like most holidays and birthdays of 2020, has an air of change around it.

As Canadians, we have taken it upon ourselves to be harbingers of peace and justice around the world. That peace and justice begins at home.

I, and many Canadians alongside me, am taking this time to educate myself on the beginning and growth of our great nation, and to learn more about the lives that were wrongly lost building what we have the privilege to enjoy and prosper from today. We have a lot to learn from our history, from the First Nations, Black Communities, Asian communities, and everywhere in between.

Armed with the knowledge of the past, it is our responsibility as Canadians to ensure that we not only support our national neighbours, but ensure that our own people, Canadians, are being treated fairly on and off-screen.

Being a nation of many cultures means being a nation of acceptance, and I am never more proud to be Canadian than when I see the good in our hearts defeating the hatred and fear in our guts.

Being Canadian, to me, is so much more than the heritage moments on TV, Hockey Night in Canada, or Tim Hortons. It’s about how we re-evaluate what isn’t working to ensure that, in the future, no one is left behind. It is about seeing our differences as an advantage, not a threat. It is about seeing the good in your enemy to understand him, and help us all do better.

Love wins!