A Season of Hope and Unity

Courtesy of CI Investments, Posted 02 Jul 2020

With restrictions now being eased and some retail stores & offices reopening, we thought now was a good time to update you on our summer plans. As the past few months have shown, Trinity Wealth Partners has the technology infrastructure in place to work from home (almost!) seamlessly.  There are many businesses that are reopening their doors because they need to do so in order to survive this pandemic and we're grateful that we're well equipped to operate for you at a distance. Our team is virtually available for you Monday-Friday as always and we continue to keep staff and client safety a priority through the next phases.

The office will remain CLOSED until September 1, 2020
unless very extenuating circumstances require a brief face-to-face meeting. 

All income tax packages have been emailed or mailed out, payment for preparation can be made via credit card over the phone, Interac e-transfer, or a mailed cheque. Signed authorizations can be scanned to our Dropbox or mailed. 

Season of Hope and Unity

With all that is happening in the world, it is easy to get caught up in the feelings of fear, anxiety and frustration and to allow those emotions to settle in our hearts.

As we are sheltering in place, we have witnessed the seasons change from winter to spring, but with it we also saw a transformation in the world, in our neighborhoods and even in our own homes. Adapting to the effects of the pandemic has proven once again that along with human fragility there is also strength. 

We hope this collection of ideas gives you inspiration on ways to stay resilient and positive during these challenging times.