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Financial support during the coronavirus

Is COVID-19 creating financial difficulties for you? You may want to look into financial assistance options from the government and your service providers. Here’s what...

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What Does Your Money Mean to You?

Posted 25 Jul 2019 by Natalie LeBlanc

Money is a tool. How you spend it, how you save it, and what it...

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Takeaways from the 2019 Federal Budget

Posted 20 Mar 2019 by Rick Irwin, CFP, CLU

Last night the federal Liberal party unveiled their latest budget and, not surprisingly for an...

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Extra Benefits of RRSP contributions

Posted 12 Mar 2019 by Natalie LeBlanc

One of the primary benefits of making RRSP contributions, other than the obvious savings for...

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Aging Well: Two Tax Credits That Can Help

Posted 15 Feb 2019 by Patricia Bell, PFP

I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

Remember that line from an ad a few...

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Household Spending Habits: How do you Compare?

Posted 12 Jul 2018 by Natalie LeBlanc

Do you think you spend too much money going to the movies every week? What...

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Nova Scotia Down Payment Assistance

Posted 03 May 2018 by Melissa Allan

The 2017 Nova Scotia budget implemented a new Down Payment Assistance Program to help first-time...

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New Mortgage Qualification Rules

Posted 03 May 2018 by Melissa Allan

For years, we’ve heard about the Canadian housing bubble and the threat of a potential...

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Teaching Your Children to be Money Smart

Posted 11 Oct 2017 by Melissa Allan

One of many things parents have to face these days is the fact we may...

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Points can pay off

Posted 19 Jul 2017 by Melissa Allan

Smartphone apps are the new coupons… but so much better!

I must admit, I LOVE...

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Pursuing Apprenticeship? There's a Grant for that

Posted 01 Jun 2017 by Natalie LeBlanc

Pursuing a Red Seal designation in your trade can be a great career move, and...

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The Canada Child Benefit Overview

Posted 10 Apr 2017 by Melissa Allan

Well it’s been a little over a year now since the Liberal government announced the...

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More & More Canadians Dipping into RRSPs Early

Posted 28 Mar 2017 by Natalie LeBlanc

The second “R” in RRSP may stand for “Retirement,” but that’s not stopping a whopping...

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The 50-30-20 Rule of Budgeting

Posted 17 Mar 2017 by Natalie LeBlanc

Budgeting your expenses seems tedious or even unnecessary to some, but is a vital practice...

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Protect Your Financial Future with a Pro

Posted 06 Jan 2017 courtesy of Advocis

If you have never worked with a financial advisor, you may be asking yourself if...

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Taking the Financial Burden out of Christmas

Posted 05 Jan 2017 courtesy of Lorna Maughan

So is it just me who gets to the start of December and suddenly starts...

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What is Coercive Tied Selling?

Posted 30 Nov 2016 by Melissa Allan

There is a fine line between trying to earn a client’s business to provide value...

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5 Key Questions After a Job Loss

Posted 16 Nov 2016 courtesy of Financial Planning Standards Council

Job loss is one of those life events that packs a whammy, both financially and...

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'Til Debt Do Us Part

Posted 22 Jun 2016 by Patricia Bell, PFP

Ah yes, long sunny days, flowers in bloom, warm starlit nights. It’s officially wedding season!...

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2016 Budget Update

Posted 01 Apr 2016 by Rick Irwin, CFP, CLU

Yesterday (March 22, 2016), Liberal Finance minister Bill Morneau delivered the first budget for the...

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Expected Changes from the New Government

Posted 03 Nov 2015 by Natalie LeBlanc & Melissa Allan

The Federal Government, under new Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, cited several family-finance-based measures during...

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Selecting a Financial Advisor

Posted 09 Oct 2015 courtesy of Dynamic Mutual Funds

There are thousands of financial advisors in Canada, each with their own unique process and...

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Why to Check Your Credit History

Posted 13 Aug 2015 courtesy of Dynamic Mututal Funds

If you want to borrow money to buy a home, car or any other big...

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Women & Investing

Posted 02 Jun 2015 by Patricia Bell, PFP

Would it surprise you to learn that in Canada, women influence over $1.3 trillion of...

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Calculating your Debt Ratio

Posted 19 Mar 2015 by Melissa Allan

Most of us have debt with the goal of becoming debt free down our path...

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New Year's Resolution: Save More!

Posted 30 Dec 2014 courtesy of Dynamic Mutual Funds

Your New Years Resolution is a way to commit to improving your well-being, whether it's...

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Reign in Your Holiday Spending

Posted 18 Dec 2014 by Natalie LeBlanc

Sticking to a budget isn’t easy, especially at this time of year. Many psychological factors...

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First Time Home Buyers' Plan

Posted 30 Oct 2014 by Rick Irwin, CFP, CLU

The first time Home Buyers’ Plan (HBP) is a program where the government allows you...

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Cutting Debit Card Costs

Posted 16 Oct 2014 courtesy of Dynamic Mutual Funds

Canadian consumers are in love with their debit cards. In fact, over $156 billion was...

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It's Okay to Say "I Can't Afford It"

Posted 25 Sep 2014 by Melissa Allan

I was having dinner with family one weekend, chatting about back to school activities and...

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Be Careful When Lending to Family

Posted 22 Sep 2014 courtesy of Dynamic Mutual Funds

A colleague of mine recently found his 30-year-old daughter living back at home. A nasty...

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Common Law vs. Marriage

Posted 11 Aug 2014 by Melissa Allan

It seems more common in recent years that people don’t enter legal marriages and instead...

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Signs of Financial Abuse

Posted 29 Jul 2014 by Natalie LeBlanc

When you spend your lifetime building up your wealth, the last of your worries should...

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Debt Freedom

Posted 14 Jul 2014 by Natalie LeBlanc

Breaking free from personal debt is more difficult today than for past generations. But homeowners...

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Improving your Cash Flow

Posted 30 Jun 2014 by Melissa Allan

I often hear people talking about cash flow and how expensive things are, myself included!...

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The Grey Divorce

Posted 20 Jun 2014 courtesy of SunLife Financial

Ending a marriage when you’re past 55 presents unique challenges, especially when it comes to...

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Reverse Budgeting

Posted 06 Jun 2014 by Rick Irwin, CFP, CLU

In today's busy world, there are many conflicting demands for one's financial resources. Meeting the...

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Watch Out For Identity Theft

Posted 06 Jun 2014 courtesy of Dynamic Mutual Funds

Identity theft has become one of the fastest growing crimes in North America. There are...

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Why Pay Yourself First

Posted 06 Jun 2014 by Natalie LeBlanc

All too often we allocate our “saving” dollars to whatever happens to be leftover at...

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