January 2017

A Happy New Year to those of you we haven’t had a chance to speak to since before Christmas! Here’s hoping each and every one of you had a pleasant holiday and are confidently working away at your New Year’s resolutions. If you don’t have one yet, and aren’t making regular contributions to your RRSP or Tax-Free Savings Account, there’s a resolution idea for you!

January and February are easily two of the busiest months of the year for us at Trinity Wealth, between tax-free savings contributions when new room became available January 1st (this year’s limit is $5,500) and RRSP top-ups before the deadline. If you’re ready to add a bit to either plan (perhaps before heading down south if you're lucky!), give us a call.

If you are heading south, Melissa has an article in this edition about the financial implications of spending half the year in the United States, or being a Snowbird. 

Also in this edition, Rick talks about how you can optimize your RRSP contributions over your lifetime by making the most tax-favourable decisions, of course with the help of your financial advisor.

This leads me to the theme of this newsletter: recognizing and quantifying the value of financial advice. Regulation changes within our industry have revamped your annual statements and they will now show the fees paid to your mutual fund dealer, a percentage of which is paid to your advisor. 

As the only non-advisor in our office, I find this change to be absolutely beneficial to consumers everywhere. You deserve to know exactly what you’re paying for the financial advice you’re receiving. In some cases, this change will highlight where an advisor or bank fails to deliver valuable advice considering the fees that are taken off your investments each month. In other cases, we hope the case for you as a client of Trinity Wealth, it will serve as a reminder of how many topic areas a financial advisor can cover and the work put into managing your account, no matter how much money you have invested with them. 

Take a look at some of the statistics in this newsletter as well as consider the advantages you’ve already garnered as a client of a financial advisor. We hope to exceed your expectations and always give you the value of good advice.


How to Optimize your RRSP Contributions

Posted 18 Jan 2017 by Rick Irwin, CFP, CLU

Winter brings many things for Canadians; for winter sports enthusiasts it’s as welcome a season as any, while for others it's dealing with clearing of snow and ice and waiting for warmer days and a return to golf, gardening and...

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How Flying South for the Winter Affects your Finances

Posted 14 Jan 2017 by Melissa Allan

Planning to be a snowbird? Be careful to plan and ensure that you’re not deemed a United States resident, or else the American Internal Revenue Service (IRS) could require you to pay income tax!

Count your days in the USA

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Realizing the Value of Advice

Posted 27 Jan 2017 by Rick Irwin, CFP, CLU; Lorna Maughan; Melissa Allan; Patricia Bell, PFP

Take a closer look at the annual statement you will soon receive for your mutual fund accounts with us and with your bank. Regulators have taken steps to promote transparency on how your financial advisor is paid.

Of these regulatory...

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