August 2017

Happy belated birthday Canada! And a Happy Natal Day to our Nova Scotian clients! We all hope you are having a great summer so far. Let’s cross our fingers that there is more fun in the sun to come for all of us before the kids (and some of you) head back to school in September. 

Speaking of… don’t forget to make your RESP withdrawals before tuition is due!

This time of year certainly is a good one to fantasize about the day you can finally hang up your work clothes for retirement. Whether you dream of travelling the world, spending time with your family, or even starting a new “post-retirement career”, it’s a period of our lives most can look forward to.

Fidelity Investments conducted a survey that assessed Canadians opinions and positions on just that: why and when Canadians retire. Rick reviewed the results of this survey in this edition of our newsletter and provides some highlights that shed light on Canadians attitudes and expectations. 

In another article from Empire Life, we explore Canadians worries about retirement, from personal health to their family’s financial situation. While retiring with debt is not ideal, it is the reality for many Canadians. 

Some Canadians even feel the need to withdraw from their RRSPs before retirement. I take a look at the reasons these withdrawals are made, and the cases in which these withdrawals are actually in good planning sense (which can sometimes be the case!). 

Unfortunately, many Canadians make RRSP withdrawals just to make ends meet. Sometimes proper budgeting is all that it takes to avoid dipping into your savings when you need a few extra dollars. One money-saving strategy is to use coupons and retail rewards to save money on your everyday purchases. Melissa covers the benefits of these sorts of programs in her article.

If after perusing this newsletter you feel a conversation with your trusty financial planner is in order, give us a call! An experienced ear is sometimes all you need to alleviate your worries about retirement.


August 2017 Market Watch

Posted 21 Jul 2017 by Rick Irwin, CFP, CLU; Melissa Allan

Fluctuations in the Canadian dollar made for an interesting 2nd quarter of 2017 for Canadian investors. While global events and politics south of the border play out, the effects of these on the stock markets (and potentially your investment returns)...

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Why and When Canadians Retire

Posted 10 Jul 2017 by Rick Irwin, CFP, CLU

“The question isn't at what age I want to retire, it's at what income.” George Foreman

For many individuals, there are probably fewer things in life as long-anticipated as finally being able to retire; yet specific...

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Points can pay off

Posted 16 Jun 2017 by Melissa Allan

Smartphone apps are the new coupons… but so much better!

I must admit, I LOVE points. My husband and I flew my parents from Newfoundland to Ontario last year to watch our kids while we spent a week in the...

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More & More Canadians Dipping into RRSPs Early

Posted 14 Mar 2017 by Natalie LeBlanc

The second “R” in RRSP may stand for “Retirement,” but that’s not stopping a whopping 38% of Canadians from making withdrawals before they retire.

Number and amount of RRSP withdrawals up over 2015

BMO commissioned a survey of Canadians in...

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Canadians Top 3 Worries About Retirement

Courtesy of Peter Wouters, Empire Life

What are your top concerns about retiring? Chances are you share those concerns with other Canadians like yourself. It's impossible to perfectly plan for the future with so many variables, but Peter Wouters of Empire Life draws a...

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