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Points can pay off

Smartphone apps are the new coupons… but so much better!

I must admit, I LOVE points. My husband and I flew my parents from Newfoundland...

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Expected Changes from the New Government

Posted 03 Nov 2015 by Natalie LeBlanc & Melissa Allan

The Federal Government, under new Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, cited several family-finance-based measures during... Read More

Selecting a Financial Advisor

Posted 09 Oct 2015 courtesy of Dynamic Mutual Funds

There are thousands of financial advisors in Canada, each with their own unique process and... Read More

Why to Check Your Credit History

Posted 13 Aug 2015 courtesy of Dynamic Mututal Funds

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Women & Investing

Posted 02 Jun 2015 by Patricia Bell, PFP

Would it surprise you to learn that in Canada, women influence over $1.3 trillion of... Read More

Calculating your Debt Ratio

Posted 19 Mar 2015 by Melissa Allan

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New Year's Resolution: Save More!

Posted 30 Dec 2014 courtesy of Dynamic Mutual Funds

Your New Years Resolution is a way to commit to improving your well-being, whether it's... Read More

Reign in Your Holiday Spending

Posted 18 Dec 2014 by Natalie LeBlanc

Sticking to a budget isn’t easy, especially at this time of year. Many psychological factors... Read More

First Time Home Buyers' Plan

Posted 30 Oct 2014 by Rick Irwin, CFP, CLU

The first time Home Buyers’ Plan (HBP) is a program where the government allows you... Read More

Cutting Debit Card Costs

Posted 16 Oct 2014 courtesy of Dynamic Mutual Funds

Canadian consumers are in love with their debit cards. In fact, over $156 billion was... Read More